Proxy Checker

Our proxy checker will fetch proxies from the input you give (doesn't just accept IP:Port) and check the proxies using HTTP, SSL, Socks4, and Socks5. You can export the checked proxies to a txt or csv file.

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Your checked proxies will show here, add some using the controls above!

How do I check proxies that are not in IP:Port format?

Our proxy checker will try and find proxies from whatever data you input. If you want to check proxies from a website that doesn't provide IP:Port format, copy and paste the table of proxies in and our checker will do its best to find the proxies.

How do I download my working proxies?

Once the proxy checker has finished checking your proxies, you can use the two export options near the proxy list textbox. Our two export options are:

  1. Text - a simple text file with your proxies listed in IP:Port format.
  2. CSV - a CSV file with all of the table columns from the proxy checker listed.

How many proxies can I check?

At this current time you can check up to 3,000 proxies using our proxy checker.